Strength, Healing, Growth
through a Multi Discipline Approach to Body, Mind & Spirit   Health


Hand created Intention based semi-precious stone/crystal Amulet Bracelets
Reiki Master Practitioner
Certified GYROTONIC® Movement Instructor
Stott Pilates Instructor


My passion and love is to support, strengthen and guide clients to a healthier-happier self.

A healthy life involves physical activity, positive mental attitude, emotional support, spiritual balance, self evaluation and continued growth. Growth allows us to adapt and thrive during change as we continue on this path we call “Life”.

Join me, with 15 years experience, on this journey of Mindfulness Living and Training to become the healthy, vibrant person you are intended to be.

– Cynthia Gabriel


Each day, live with kindness, compassion, fairness, justice, respect and loving concern for yourself, others and our planet.



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